Resources For Weybridge

Helpful Resources

Whether moving within Weybridge, or across Surrey, there are a few local resources which will help. Facilities to save you time and to make sure odd details are attended to.

  • Surrey County Council provide a mine of information, from changing schools, to contacting numerous local organisations. We linked to their search, which seems to work well.
  • Elmbridge Borough Council have an equally useful website. Handy to help sort out council tax, rubbish removal, or just get in touch with any department you need at removal time. Also worth trying your old, or new postcode in "My Neighbourhood"
  • Trip Advisor's Website may be aimed at tourism but can offer independent information on many locations, including Weybridge. Whether you need short term accommodation, or a take away on moving day, well worth a look.
  • The Environment Agency is a valuable resource. Try their on site search for places you are moving from, or to. This can assist with planning and much more.
  • History Of Removals In Surrey is an entry of our own. A subject we care about and a reflection on how long people have needed to move their treasured, or vital possessions .
  • A Little Weybridge News is a recent addition. Topics mentioned by our clients, which deserve a wider view. If you have more to add, by all means let us know.

For A Pleasant Move

The suggestions we made are just a few amongst many online facilities. Planning helps make a move enjoyable and can also assist in dealing with anxieties for all the family.

The quicker everyone feels at home the better. They may want to know about local clubs, or activities, what the schools are like, facilities at a local park, or where they can find WiFi.

The list is infinite and individual, many people enjoy the Weybridge waterways. Research before moving will help everyone feel at home. Knowing that personal needs are covered is part of planning.

Your removals company should also help you plan, if you wish to consider us, why not request a quote. If you have help in place, we hope you have a great move.

Incidentally, don't let that stop you contacting us for advice. We want to support everyone joining the local community.

All we would suggest is to avoid support who believe their role is to simply turn up and load a van. In Weybridge, or anywhere, their task is to be an active part of the team.

On that topic, you may wish to see rights removals customers have under 2015 legislation. Holding removals companies to account in Surrey, or elsewhere, is a good thing.