News Snippets From Weybridge

A Local Record Suggested By Our Clients
Moving heavy equipment

A Weighty Move

Our West Weybridge electricity substation recently required an update. The range of equipment involved a little awkward to move, more than 140 tons of transformer and ancillary parts.

Farrer & Fenwick would have offered, although perhaps as well that specialist mover ALE met the task. Their vehicle 68 metres long and quite wide, Surrey County Council having to remove lamp posts by the time they reached narrower roads.

We would like to complement them on a fine move, from Tilbury to Woodham, a demonstration of a well planned removal.

Historic aircraft on display near Weybridge

Award Nomination

Following a period of innovation and improvement, Brooklands Museum has been nominated for the 2018 Art Fund's Museum of the Year Award. Well deserved we feel, for a museum which is unique.

Whilst the history of cars is an important aspect, Brooklands offers far more. Their exhibits on aircraft development an example, now extended by the new flight shed, showing in depth views of the engineering behind aviation growth.

So much of the work at Brooklands is due to volunteer help, fitting reward for their effort to be chosen for the award.

Weybridge map at station

Station Improvements

Long overdue efforts are being made to improve the ambiance at our busy station. By the new network provider South Western Railway and local councillors, who want to involve the community.

The map you see is one of the first fresh additions, a winning design from Holly Carter, from a number submitted by Brooklands students. Hopefully a sign of more to come, at a station which deserves a little TLC to brighten the day.

Weybridge station opened in 1838, serving 1000 people. Somewhat busier now, good to see the buildings catching up.

Lighting open fire at night

Outdoor Pursuits

Weybridge scouts are long established and an integral part of the community. Giving young people an opportunity to experience a wide range of pursuits and the great outdoors.

This still calls for a base and we wanted to remember the efforts of Debbie Conibere, who a few years ago raised £50,000 to ensure the scouts had a long term home.

Those efforts are now being recognised, with Debbie recently invited to attend a parliamentary reception, for those shortlisted for the Pride of Britain Awards. A worthy winner we feel.

River ferry boat from Weybridge

How Old Is Our Ferry?

Our company has been going a while, although there was a need for removals in Weybridge long before. Quite probable that the ferry to and from Shepperton played a part.

The current owners state this has operated for 500 years and may be correct. Just that there are odd references pointing to an earlier date and we were recently told of a record going back to 1361.

That is apparently in the Vatican library. If anyone in Weybridge, or the surrounding area has evidence to share, let us know. Such a well used and still useful facility deserves a full history.