Weybridge Business Removals

Business In Mind

Farrer & Fenwick are well placed to provide business removals in Weybridge, with offices near the town. Beyond local knowledge, we also have an understanding of commercial requirements, the importance of us helping to keep business activity flowing:

  • A Business Account Manager to offer advice, oversee your move and liaise with you.
  • Specialist services for business equipment, from IT needs, to large infrastructure.
  • Up to date and adaptable vehicles of all types, from a small van to container transport.
  • Our own secure storage, for document archiving, or to care for delicate equipment.
  • Business admin needs met, from liability cover, to accurate, readable documentation.

Our service has clear goals, ensuring minimum downtime, keeping to agreed schedules and removing stress from your staff. They will have much to focus on, the move is our responsibility.

Whatever your business removal requirements, we will provide them. From planning, to packing, to heavy lifting equipment, above all, staff who are well trained and experienced.

A Flexible Service

The business community around Weybridge is diverse, from traditional trades to high tech. A removals service should serve all sectors, appreciate their requirements and above all, listen to the unique needs you identify for us.

We don't offer customers a pre-set package, preferring to build one to suit them. This can include removals at night, or a weekend, any number of trips if this helps prevent downtime and the ability to react to short notice requests.

The day we wrote this, we assisted a local company who were producing an investor relations video. They and their client were stuck when a haulier broke down, we had vans there in 20 minutes, moved everything into place for their investors conference.

Not always possible but the type of support we like to give. Whether you need urgent assistance, or help with an inventory, or customs documentation, if you are relocating your company overseas, or to an awkward location, this should not matter.

Farrer & Fenwick offer a high quality service, for business removals in Weybridge, a town with history. We achieve this by working with you and would be pleased to hear your needs, a business specialist can arrange to visit at no cost.