Staff Training At Farrer & Fenwick

Safety training for removals staff

An efficient removals service comes from good staff, who themselves need to be supported and well trained. At Farrer & Fenwick, we believe this training is an excellent investment.

Staff who are comfortable in their work and who have the opportunity to develop skills feel valued.  They equally help us maintain the values we want to see presented to customers.

There are sound practical reasons for good training, safety, care of other people's possessions, elimination of accidents. All important but the ethos training helps to create is paramount. We exist to help with a vital day, the way this is approached matters. 

A Range Of Skills

A removals service is about more than moving items. All removals staff become temporary custodians of your possessions and need to be able to treat them as if they were their own.

  • Fragile, non fragile and specialist packing is an area we like to see all staff well trained in. This avoids untrained hands trying to help and makes moving day a quicker process.
  • The use of key handling equipment is as important. Whether we are moving a large piano, or commercial equipment, doing this in the right way is essential to success.
  • Fire management, or health and safety are areas which may not come into use so often but knowledge avoids accidents and any issues which do occur can be controlled.

Equipping staff with the right skills does help ensure safety and this is part of every other skill, from loading a container, to ensuring related documentation is correct, so others understand needs. All staff training could be said to be similar, to create shared understanding.

Across All Services

Within our Surrey removals business, there are specialist areas. Our dedicated storage unit an example, where a wide variety of items need to be packed and stored in exactly the right way.

Similar principles could be applied to moving exceptionally heavy, or awkward items and assessing any risk involved. Managing this in the correct way and avoiding mishaps comes from experience and from the shared knowledge good training brings.

We could add the unique needs of preparing items for export, or the best way to load a vehicle for any purpose, or simply the best way to remain aware. Those and others mentioned all contribute to staff skills and to the support staff are able to offer.

Within that lies a final but key development area, customer service training. Whether we carry out a small removal, or one with multiple vehicles, our clients needs count and the manner in which support is offered. If you feel that helps, by all means get in touch.