Staff Removals - Local & International

Office staff at work

Our Surrey staff removals service supports employees and business efficiency. Helping your staff focus on their work, without needing to worry about their move.

Practicalities need to be met, people and possessions arrive where and when they should. How staff feel about a move effects how they feel about their job, a good feeling makes business sense. A well planned move assists profitability.

Wanting staff to have the best removals support because they are people you care about is natural. Using a service which also thinks of your business, can move your business, is valuable.

Moving Staff Matters

The old maxim that your staff are your greatest asset should never be forgotten. Whether they are relocating, or new employees, ensuring they are content helps everyone.

Our task is to see they avoid stress during the moving process and your expectations on their behalf are fully met. Accurate planning and good communication are factors, as reaction to sudden change can be.

You will need a removals company who manage any situation in a calm and professional manner, without needing to constantly get back to you. Communication should be a priority but not the need to refer to you just because something does not suit.

We approach staff removals in Surrey and for companies moving to Surrey as a caring but tightly planned operation. This tends to ensure every day goes to plan, the needs of your staff and requirements of your business become our responsibility as well.

Combined Services

We believe the reason we supply an efficient service is a combination of our own services. In a company that has been built from the ground up, to offer more than just removals:

  • International Shipping - From personal possessions, to an entire household, always using trusted routes and people.
  • Secure Storage - In our purpose built facility, collected and delivered by a specialist team using adapted vehicles.
  • European Removals - To the EU and beyond, carried out by our own, well trained, experienced staff.
  • Dedicated Support - With an account manager assigned to every contract, to move one person, or many more.

Every service employees need is available. A packing service, export paperwork, local advice, insurance. Above all, the ethos of a company who recognise they are moving people, not their goods.