Small Removals In Surrey

A few items for removal

An effective removals service is not about scale, simply about planning according to the scale. A small removal in Surrey can offer the same service as one of any size.

The same, professional staff can be used, the same up to date, well maintained vehicles, just a smaller model. Help with planning a move, or careful packing, need be no less effective.

If a removals company is tailoring their support to match the needs of a client, as they should, the only difference is the way resources are chosen. The level of skilled application deserves to be the same for any client and a move of any size. 

Meeting Individual Need

As established Surrey removers, we carry out many larger moves but see no reason to vary service for clients requesting small moves. They will be as important to them as any.

  • A small number of items or one item can require our attention. Not unusual for large possessions to be best cared for by people who are used to handling and moving them.
  • A smaller property is as much your home as any other, warrants the same level of ability from removals staff and can present as many challenges to be managed as any home.
  • If you are downsizing or moving overseas, professional experience can be a real asset. Free advice to ensure you achieve your goal of maintaining the life you want to take with you.

We understand economy of scale and that cost needs to be in line with your request. Beyond this, there is no reason to change our approach, or support level. A principle that extends across all services available to you and your entire household.

Additional Services

Packing and unpacking can be as demanding for a small move, within Surrey, or across Europe. Possessions are as important and we give the same level of care to every item.

We can pack for you, provide packing materials made for the task, advise on overseas moves, assist with documentation you might need. Smaller moves should in no sense be seen as difficult removals, simply a different opportunity.

A small moves service in reality needs to be more flexible, in terms of timing, packing and storage. Our secure storage facility for example, is well suited to caring for a few items, for odd days, or as many months as you require.

Farrer & Fenwick look forward to providing every customer with the precise support they ask for. For more information on our services, take a look at our introduction to removals in Surrey, or contact us at any time to see how we help.