Advice On Moving Overseas

Ferry in mid ocean

We feel sure you will have covered core needs, through practical experience and advice pages, perhaps ours. You are also likely to have visited the place you are moving to.

Experience of overseas removals still makes us offer a few points that make a difference. Visiting a country and living there are not the same, with living somewhere nearer to moving there.

As a visitor, you don't need to work with tradesmen, manage utility bills, or deal with faults. A wider range of items might go with you on an overseas move, which need permission, documentation, just a few of the nuances which may need to be understood. 

The Local Landscape

Communication matters and that is language based for all of us. Even if you speak a local language quite well, often not sufficient for moving day. Vital services, understanding neighbours, local authorities, being connected, all part of the day.

A full appreciation of procedures only come from local knowledge. In most countries, British ex pats advertise a willingness to help, often at a reasonable rate. Local estate agents, or the forums mentioned below can be a source for similar contacts.

An ability to communicate fluently is worth far more than they will charge, in financial terms and stress reduction. Booking a little local support, waiting when you arrive, makes sense.

The same applies to extending your own knowledge. Study the area before leaving, read through and join specialist forums, see local videos, Google Earth and Street View.

Apart from learning of your new environment, a suddenly remembered "minor" fact can be more than that. That's all we are suggesting, think of the thousands of things which make up everyday life in the UK, they will take time to learn elsewhere but well worth starting.

Supporting Services

A solid understanding will help and so will coordinated services, an overseas move often involves more than just a removals van. We give a few examples of our services that tend to be used but the same will apply wherever you are:

  • Secure Storage Centre - If possessions need a temporary home, make sure this truly is secure, insured, professionally managed and includes delivery to any destination.
  • International Removals - The subject we are on in a sense, although a wide one. Try to select a firm who are used to the country you move to.
  • Household Removals - Our domestic arm and even if you are not local, worth a look to see the principles that should apply to any good overseas removal company.
  • Removals Advice- Those principles should extend to free advice and to being part of your move, not just a provider.

Neither should advice be left to a website, whichever company you work with will hopefully share knowledge from previous moves. If we can offer any advice to help you enjoy a new life, by all means get in touch and ask for an overseas specialist.