IT Removals Service

IT equipment to be moved

We provide IT removals in Surrey but wherever you are based, use assistance that puts avoiding downtime and stress on staff at the heart of the removals plan.

This is vital for all commercial activity but more so with IT equipment. A seamless transition can bring the same to other aspects, including internal and external communication.

Whether you are engineers, manufacturers, architects, or local service providers, being connected to the world you operate in and having systems you rely on up and running is key to being in business. Moving IT equipment takes priority.

Keeping Business Connected

With reliance on IT facilities, for specific tasks and to stay connected, managing a move is paramount. You may have the skills on board but we offer a few suggestions gleaned from many removals.

Technical planning can rarely go too far, or be too detailed. Full data management matters, in terms of security, safety, physical and online backups. All passwords should be to hand, along with appropriate staff, or contractors where needed.

As important as this is, remember that IT removals are a practical event. Take images and videos if you can, of all installations, even the cabling on a PC. We all tend to feel we know how this goes but a visual record to fall back on can be a life saver.

So can marking cables for reconnection, labelling PCs so they arrive at the right work station. Also ensure connectivity at the new location before the day, in terms of power and the internet.

We are all becoming more reliant on cloud facilities, are there aspects of your business you could maintain without them, with a little planning, if the unforeseen occurs and connectivity is delayed. 

All Round Support

The preparation mentioned will help less if IT equipment is damaged, or misplaced. An inventory of your equipment may seem unnecessary but can be. Take care packing and use extra services as needed, ours typical, or similar wherever you are:

  • Secure Storage Centre - There can be times storage is needed, overnight or longer. Make sure the facility is secure.
  • Overseas Removals - Documentation, or insurance can be important and knowledge of the country you are moving to.
  • Business Removals - If you use the same company to move your IT, business and staff, you ensure a coordinated service.
  • Professional Support - Moving IT equipment, or a business in general is not the same as moving home. A removals company should offer you a specialist to liaise with.

As a final thought, don't forget to let all your customers know of the move in advance. This can be a positive message, letting them share in the benefits your expansion will bring. If you would like any further advice on making that happen, please contact us.