Furniture Removals Specialists

Bedroom furniture for removal

Furniture removals in Surrey are at the heart of all sections of our business, supporting household and commercial needs, or the care of fine antiques, or works of art.

Staff on your removal will be briefed on special requirements. They will know if items are to be separated for storage and work with the storage team to pack these in containers at your home.

If items are to be dropped elsewhere on route, such as an auction room this will be allowed for in loading. Furniture requiring specialist care will be planned for, the right equipment and the right people in place to ensure a sound approach.

Caring For Furniture

Our removals service has seen many requests over the years, phone boxes to fireplaces, although our core task is furniture removals. An important part of your home, which requires help to move and above all, professional care.

  • Wrapping and packing carried out by well trained staff.
  • Antique furniture managed with preservation in mind.
  • Temporary and long term storage with packing on site.
  • Advice on import and export documentation  available.
  • Comprehensive, flexible insurance for your protection.
  • Direct removals across Europe and worldwide shipping.

Suitable handling equipment and skilled operators also matter. Damage is often caused to heavy furniture by poor handling, or to people in the process. A realistic approach ensures safety all round and sees items you treasure arrive as you would wish.

Meeting Unique Needs

There is no such thing as just furniture, each piece has an identity and a place in your home. Furniture removal is about transporting a home in a way which sees you as comfortable as you were at your previous location, as soon as possible.

Our removals surveyors help you plan the movement of each piece, understanding what you need to achieve on arrival. Further assistance is available from experts on antique furniture, who can help with conservation needs.

Your furniture will never be loaded in a way which could cause damage, all our vans are equipped with ample padding for protection or separation. Each piece will also be secured as needed, to cope with the bumpiest of driveways.

If you need furniture moved in Leatherhead, elsewhere in Surrey, or anywhere on the globe, we will be happy to offer dedicated assistance. Why not contact us to discuss your requirements.