Difficult Moves In Surrey

Moving over difficult terrain

We will admit to not yet resorting to Himalayan pack horses. Barges, hand pumped trolleys, tractors, rollers, they are all on the list and odd as this seems, we enjoy the challenge.

A sense of commitment helps but above all, professionalism. Our staff are well trained in the use of ancillary moving equipment, to ensure your possessions are moved safely.

Living in an unusual place is not a reason why good service should fail to be provided. Farrer & Fenwick approach all removals, difficult or not, in the same way. With consultation, accurate planning and skilled application of resources. 

Do Difficult Moves Exist?

Every now and then, clients call us with hesitation. They may feel a problem exists with their request but we tend not to, just a different opportunity to meet their needs.

  • Restricted access is a normal concern we understand. Properties can be located in the oddest of places, yet this does not prevent the same level of efficiency as at any other location.
  • Difficult timing can be seen as a special requirement. Please be assured that we are used to people, or businesses having to move at weekends, early mornings, or overnight.
  • Exceptional items may be involved. From full size garden statuary, to ceiling height room panelling, or delicate objects, the collection of a lifetime. Fragility can often call for special handling as much as sheer weight.

We are pleased to move almost anything you wish, from anywhere. Delicate porcelain from home to home, a grand piano around the globe. Situations we actually enjoy, what our staff trained for, their knowledge put to practical use.

Share Your Problems

If you have unique, or unusual removal requirements, please call us. Senior staff are available at most times and can discuss appropriate ways to meet the challenge presented.

They may have come across this before and can share experiences, along with developed methods for addressing your need. They can also arrange a home visit to you at no cost.

Our removal surveys are not simply about getting custom, they are about satisfaction and ensuring special needs are planned for. The same incidentally applies to small removals.

Individual items may have unusual aspects, smaller properties can be tucked away. There may be possessions you could move in other ways but prefer a professional service.

Whatever your request, we look forward to meeting this as a positive chance to create a solution. We do not mind difficult removals at all and look forward to discussing them.