Moving in the Countryside

South Surrey farm

We believe all Farrer and Fenwick clients are treated as having unique needs but recognise a few have special requirements, including those in countryside locations.

Country removals in Surrey can incorporate farms, rural business, or simply people in out of the way places, requiring a special approach to ensure their move goes well.

From many years of supporting people across the county, we can offer experience of most situations. Also an understanding of priorities for customers in rural locations and how much they appreciate the benefit of sound preparation.

Removal Needs & Planning

  • Unusual access is a common countryside issue. Uneven or narrow tracks, distance from tarmac roads, steep slopes. We appreciate needs this can impose and work with you to plan a solution.
  • Effective planning is important for removals in the country. Any good company reacts to unforseen needs but better to anticipate them. Moving home should be a pleasure, not a military operation, yet treating them in a similar way has advantages.
  • Country removals invite this detailed approach. With the weather, livestock, farming equipment, meeting regulatory needs and much more to consider. Ensuring requirements are met is as much our job as yours on removal day.
  • Temporary facilities can be part of a solution, special equipment hire, storage, security. Our staff have experience of these aspects, an asset in ensuring the day goes well for all.

We appreciate the move is yours and listen to clients but knowledge gained in similar situations can be of value. In reducing stress, accidents, damage and cost, a well planned removal saves time.

Scheduling & Services

Our clients are welcome to move at a time which suits them, although we recognise that a removal in the Surrey countryside may involve unusual hours. An early start, a long weekend, or a late finish, none of which are an issue for us.

We enjoy living and working in Surrey and are used to the needs of varied clients. Removals apart, we help with packing, or storage. Our vehicles can deliver containers on site to be filled with personal items, or a heavy duty tractor, then taken to a safe haven.

On occasion, we help people move to a different country, or moving to Surrey from elsewhere. They may be taking equipment with them, or needing this delivered on route to relatives, or an auction facility. A requirement easily managed by loading order, or extra vehicles.

Whatever your needs, our staff will be happy to assist. If you arrived directly at this page, follow the link below to read more on our services for removals in Surrey and allied services, or contact us at any time to see how we can help.