Surrey Antiques Removals

As a Surrey removals company, we were pleased to see the antiques roadshow visit Weybridge. A reflection of the interest our customers in the county take in their  possessions.

Many households treasure items of a special nature, for reasons which extend beyond thoughts on financial value.

As Fiona Bruce mentioned, they offer insight into social history and the history of the families who own them.

A good idea to discuss requirements for antiques removals, or storage when a removals surveyor visits. Ensure they have suitable packing materials, equipment and staff with experience.

Caring For Antiques

Antiques removals do require experience of the objects being moved. Apart from being valuable, or delicate, they are precious to their owners and should be to others handling them.

We appreciate the skills of our staff in caring for antiques. Natural empathy with the output of other craftsmen plays a part, along with ensuring removals day holds pleasant memories.

The antiques and fine objects you have grown to love should be safely placed in your new home, for removals in Weybridge, a few hundred miles away, or the other side of the globe.

Our continuity of service ensures this. Antiques removals in Surrey are supported by other sections of Farrer & Fenwick, storage and packing specialists, used to managing unique objects.

Every move is unique and we always remember that the objects of art we may be responsible for are  irreplaceable.

Specialist Services

  • Surrey Storage Centre is a highly secure facility based at our own premises. The custom build of this is matched by the attention to careful handling and preservation.
  • International Shipping is part of our daily business. Antiques of all types are fully documented, carefully packed and forwarded through the best agencies.
  • Surrey Domestic Removals offers an established level of service for your entire household, or business. With a special awareness that what is priceless to you is to us.
  • Auction Removals often require antiques removals specialists. If you have concerns about transferring items to auction, we hope you share them so we can offer a solution.

Whether you require special handling for a few items of furniture, or your entire household, we will be happy to provide the service needed. Our staff work with you, to ensure effective support, tailored to your individual needs.