Responsible Removals Matter

The Surrey Community

We want our clients to know their removals are carried out in a responsible way, to maintain ethical standards.

Making sure client needs are met is a natural concern but we appreciate many people think beyond this. The staff who are serving them, the community they live in, the environment.

Farrer and Fenwick wish to meet your expectations, because we care, as part of being professional and as  leading Surrey removal company, your community is our community.

Our reputation emanates from you and integrity is the first thing you should look for in a removals service. An ethos of treating every move as individual, being prepared to take on difficult moves but above all, the way they conduct business.

We strive to make our removals service the best, yet retain sight of a wider picture. This includes protecting consumer rights, listening to clients and to public interest groups, who help to protect the environment we are all fortunate to live in.

Customers and their homes are the heart of any service operation, yet simply stating you think of them first is not sufficient. A structure should be in place to ensure everyone in the company sees all their actions as guided by basic principles:

Our Key Principles

  • Our employees are not simply required to adopt a high standard of professionalism, they help all their colleagues do the same, by sharing skills and information.
  • Apart from through interaction, the company has a duty to ensure all staff are well trained and entirely comfortable with any practical aids they use.
  • At the core of this training is the fact removals involve people's possessions. For the time we are responsible, our staff should care for them as if they were their own.
  • To ensure all the above, our staff are seen as and treated as our prime resource. We respect them, encourage innovation from them and provide a safe, healthy working environment.
  • The wider environment is an equal concern and caring for this a company wide principle. There is much businesses can do, for us, saving fuel, or recycling packing products are examples.
  • All businesses impact on the local community. We remain aware of any ways this can happen and work with the community in a positive way, developing a relationship which not only minimises intrusion but adds benefit.
  • Our overriding principle is honesty, with our customers and internally. Any issues which arise are always treated as opportunities for improvement.