The Ethos of Farrer & Fenwick

Each Household Is Different

Many removals companies focus on charts for distances, number of rooms, access issues, you see forms to feed them online. They play a part but are not the core of our approach.

Your household may have many particular needs, possessions which are important, your own schedule. An experienced member of our staff will visit to discuss these factors and any you wish. Treating your move as unique, even though core elements matter:

  • Minimum disturbance is key to a good removal. Careful planning, timeliness and experience of many types of move help.
  • Efficient vehicles which are clean, well maintained and carry everything on board to protect items you care about.
  • Value for money and satisfaction. Could you find a lower price, possibly but not by much, or for the same service.
  • Staff that care and are the real reason for the point above. We would not be the company we are without them.

We have a removal quote form on our website, although rather short, so we can contact you regarding availability and an outline cost. The real need follows, working with you to ensure you can focus on your new home, the task of arriving there no longer a concern.

Supportive Services

Offering responsible support to our customers means having other services available. To maintain the quality we prize, these are run in house rather than contracted out. Apart from maintaining standards, this ensures good communication across all sectors:

  • Removals in Surrey shows an overview of our services. From advice to packing and achieving a smooth transition, whether you move a few miles or hundreds of miles.
  • Surrey Storage Centre is our own secure, purpose built unit. Any size space is available for a year or a day, managed by storage specialists.
  • International Removals form a good portion of our work and are carried out with our own vehicles and staff, the same level of service as a domestic move.
  • Business Removals are managed by a trained business advisor. They understand the need to avoid business downtime and therefore minimise cost.

You may need possessions safely stored, business and domestic moves coordinated, in the UK or overseas. Whatever your requirements, we have the facilities to fulfil them in an effective way. We hope you will find our approach unique, contact us to discuss your needs.