Travelling To a New Home

Car on country road

No doubt you will have been to your new home before and feel comfortable with the journey but every now and then, circumstances can catch up with you.

Moving day occupies the mind, neither may you be as used to the new area. If road diversions suddenly appear, or the weather changes notably, plans might need to change. On a day with a built in schedule, best to be prepared.

Your removal company should offer advice, stay in touch, provide a number to call the crew in the event of delays. Even so, worth planning travel arrangements in detail.

An Important Day

You may have satellite navigation, which can be useful. Having a paper equivalent still a good idea, to cover downtime, or directional glitches. A print out from online facilities can help, a few suggestions below:

  • AA Route Planner offers a turn by turn breakdown of your route and a rescaleable map with the route overlaid.
  • Via Michelin Mapping is similar and covers your journey the other side of the channel, useful for an unfamiliar ferry port.
  • Green Flag Breakdown provide handy guides on what to do when you arrive, from European driving regulations to handling jams.
  • If Travelling By Rail fare finders can save a few pounds in the UK or Europe and make sure you have seats for the journey.

Your removal company will be used to travelling the UK or Europe and provide advice, from routes, to stopovers. Although trying to travel in tandem isn't ideal, better to be in control of your own journey.

A Little Extra Planning

Filling up with fuel makes sense and not a bad time to have the car serviced, if you use a garage for this. All quite logical and no doubt you would plan accordingly, smaller points are often the ones to cause a nuisance on the day.

We recommend making a detailed list of exactly what you will need with you. Your removal van may arrive around the same time, even earlier, although in general they travel more slowly than a car. Best to assume you will arrive first.

A basic tool kit for the unforeseen, every key you need, refreshments, medication, toys and games. Whatever makes sense to you and your household but if you work on the basis of being at the new home alone for a while, no need to watch the clock.

As a final point, having every number and email address with you related to the house can be valuable, in case anyone has not met requirements. We certainly try to and if you feel we can help, by all means get in touch.