Support At Moving Time

Elegantly furnished hall

As an established removal company, we liaise with other household services. Standards in Surrey are good, although every now and then we come across those who go the extra mile.

We list a few who have shown decent service below, perhaps you will find they help you enjoy your new home. If you have come across exceptional support, by all means share this with us and if clients enquire, we can make the suggestion.

Moving to a new home without requiring a little support is rare. Being able to turn to people who others have used and know to be effective can be a great help.

Helpful Resources

L and C logoSurrey based, award winning interior designers. Their ethos sits with ours, a good service where the emphasis is on listening to their clients.
Visit the L & C Company website -->

Property Concierge company logoA comprehensive service, relocation, property management, staff to help run your home. In Surrey and throughout the South East.
Visit Property Concierge website -->

Dyno logoBased in Sunbury but covering a wider area and providing a good balance. Personal support, with the resources of a national company.
Visit Dyno Locks & Alarms website -->

Working With Others

Farrer & Fenwick is also based on good service and pleased to hear of other companies holding the same principles. If you are an ethical business, would like to work with our customers, or see us work with them, by all means get in touch.

Moving home can involve juggling many needs but far easier to do so when people supporting you see support as their primary role. We enjoy working with service providers who ensure customers are the starting point for decisions, not their own limitations. A successful removal comes from teamwork.

Ensuring all departments within our own business work that way is equally valuable. Sound information flow avoids problems and copes with any that can not be avoided. If you share our thoughts on service, speak to us at any time.