Security When Moving Home

Considering security when moving home is important. The video offers ideas to improve the situation at your new home, through taking a burglar's thinking into account.

There is a related home security guide you may find useful. A guide to see whether security implications have been allowed for.

Doing so can make moving to a new home positive and enjoyable, instead of letting others spoil a new phase in your life. 

Removal companies also need to adapt, make sure they offer clients the right support. With that in place, you may wish to consider a few other ways to change approach.

For Peace Of Mind

  • Check your old home when you leave. Make sure doors, windows and gates are secure, unless you have been asked otherwise, turn services off. Find a few spare minutes for a thorough inspection to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • Redirect your post for privacy and to guard against identity theft. You can apply online at Royal Mail, or by phone on 08457 740740, or at your local Post Office. Try to give at least one weeks notice.
  • Jewellery and cash along with important papers or personal items should be kept safe. If possible, find another location for these until you are settled and have good security in place, a safety deposit box at your bank is an option.
  • Prepare an inventory of valuables, including personal documents and plastic cards, have contact details for these to hand just in case. If possible, back the inventory up with photographs, your own digital camera should be fine.

Preparation Helps

During a visit to your new home, take time for a detailed check on security. A few notes on essentials, door and window locks, broken gates to be fixed, whatever is needed. Arrange for fitting on the day, or buy items in advance if you are doing this.

Without preparation, easy to feel that leaving the home unattended is impossible, which may not be practical. Even so, not a bad idea to be vigilant for the first few days, particularly if people you don't know well are coming and going.

We are not trying to paint a dark picture, crime is rarer than often imagined but property crime is more common within the house moving cycle. Equally, being aware of security precautions when you move will make the process feel safe.

A final note, make sure members of the family of all ages know the address and travel routes they can use. We wish you a safe and secure move, if you feel we can help, try our Guildford removals branch, or Surrey domestic removals for the wider area.