Removals Day Essentials

Bus on Surrey road

As removals day approaches, much longer term planning will have come to fruition. Solicitors and banks hopefully doing their job, plans for the new property safely in mind.

Then comes the day itself and the process seems to speed up. However organised you are and however efficient your removal company, the last few hours at your old home will seem shorter.

Useful to have essential needs covered the day before, with a box or two of practical necessities and a secure place for items you need to hand. A brief, written aide-memoire can also help stop essential tasks, or items from being forgotten.

As The Day Arrives

Removals day can offer a mixture of excitement, anticipation and last minute concerns. The first two are natural and the last often avoidable. A little military style planning helps take stress away and as with any army, this starts with essential kit:

  • Important keys kept in separate groups and labelled. Valuable to anyone not familiar with them, also stops vehicle and house keys being taken together accidentally.
  • Money and cards may be required at short notice. An unforeseen need whilst travelling, the ability to turn services on, or book tradesmen over the phone.
  • A mobile phone can be invaluable, if this or a laptop has internet access. A route to information, maps, contact details and the ability to use them if no phone is on.
  • Personal medication is naturally a priority and should be readily available, along with contact numbers for medical facilities which may be needed for advice.
  • A travelling plan to help avoid grappling with maps. Even if you have made the journey before, diversions, or the weather can bring about a change of plan.
  • A notepad and pen for a multitude of items which crop up. Those you suddenly discover need attention, or moments of inspiration not to be forgotten.
  • An essentials schedule with a timed list of tasks needing to be covered, from banking to dropping items off, to calls or emails, easy to let time slip by.

No doubt you will have ideas beyond these for your household. All we suggest is be prepared and avoid hunting in boxes or cases. Much the same when you arrive at the new home, all the more enjoyable.

A Few Home Comforts

If your new home resembles the old one before dusk, you will have done well. The removals staff should if you wish try to ensure much is replicated but there will be details to bring back normality. At least make sure essentials are close to hand:

  • Tea or Coffee along with milk, mugs and a kettle. That first cup surveying a property which is now yours brings pleasure.
  • Snacks and sweets ready to eat without taking up time. For a quick break, or a short lunch if other priorities take over.
  • Bedding and towels along with toiletries. Never a bad idea to see these in place first, ensuring a pleasant night after a tiring day.
  • Small tool kit including a torch. Even a well maintained property can have the odd foible which needs quick attention.
  • Good scissors along with a multi-use tin opener. A valuable combination that will handle tasks well beyond the kitchen.
  • Light bulbs toilet rolls and kitchen towels. Everyday items you will need and miss if they are not around.
  • Cutlery and crockery to at least cope with one main meal. Useful even for the take away not unknown on moving day.
  • Food for pets that will help them feel at home. Keeping to regular feeding times also lowers stress, on a day they can find difficult.
  • First aid kit with sufficient items to cater for accidents. Hopefully none but always worth being prepared.

That applies all round, moving has a reputation for being stressful but this will be set aside by good preparation. If Farrer and Fenwick can help you prepare, you are welcome to take a look round our website, or contact us at any time.