Moving With Pets

Dog and cat in room

Whether afterwards, or on the same day, your pets also need to move. Arrive in a new home and a new territory, a point that can matter to a number of different pets. 

We all tend to think of them as members of the family, which they are but the focus of their minds can be different from ours. Whether used to just being in the house, or garden, or roaming wider, new neighbours will be a key factor for them. 

Areas of the home, or garden they had adopted will also change, your habits may be a little different. Many pets are sensitive to change, worth considering how we can all help.

Consider a Break

You will know your pets better than others can, how they react to change. For some, their owners going off for the day is an issue, let alone if they also pack a few items to take with them.

Translate that to the whole household being packed away and loaded by strangers into a removal van. Even if they are normally able to cope with new situations, what they see as major change may cause anxiety.

Our removals teams are trained to help and will wish to do so but you could consider whether absence is better for your pets. A short stay with friends or relatives, or in boarding facilities.

Once you have the new home roughly organised, they can come home to a normal routine and accept fresh surroundings. A calmer settling in period and any possibility of picking up extra stress from you at moving time is avoided.

On The Journey

You may be fortunate and have a dog who spends time in the car but most animals will not. If stress is an issue, talk to your vet. Sedation is a possibility, although others options may be preferable.

Try to keep feeding to a minimum for a day, which can see pets settle better and assist with car sickness. A travelling container may also help them settle and prevent accidents. Give your pets time to familiarise themselves with the container before the move.

If you have problems accessing advice, or are just concerned, speak with our domestic removals team. They may not know your pet but are likely to have moved others in similar situations.

Security and comfort for all family members, animal or human, is their concern. We appreciate this will be yours as well and you will plan with them in mind. A safe journey to a new home for all.