Moving With Children

We don't doubt our readers ability as parents but included the video as a reminder to all of us that children can be vulnerable at moving time. From heavy items and from circumstance.

Unfamiliar surroundings, precautions not yet in place, their natural preoccupation with change, leaving friends, or schools.

Facilities they could safely use before may now work differently. Those you want to adapt may require a little time.

There is no need for concern, accidents during moves are rare, our Surrey removals unit will also provide any advice you need. Simply a time when extra watchfulness can help. 

Preparing To Move

  • Just in case have essential medication handy and a first aid kit, useful for adults. A spare set of clothes might be unexpectedly needed for children. Also personal items, such as favourite ways to pass an hour or two.
  • Keep children away from whatever is being moved and explain they don't need to help take items in and out. Natural for them to wish to help but others moving heavy or awkward items may not see them.
  • They can still help at all ages, particularly in the lead up to the move. Who better to be chief toy packer, or responsible for pets, or whatever their age dictates. Being familiar with and involved with the move reduces anxiety.
  • Prepare a snack box for the time scale you expect and a little longer. We hope everyone's move goes as planned but there can be delays, from missing keys to traffic, kitchen facilities when you arrive may also need attention.

Before You Move

With much to think about on moving day, having precautions mapped out can avoid any being missed. Knowing the stair gate fits, spotting hazards in home and garden, appliances, cupboards, or windows which are not as you would wish.

Your new home may not have been lived in by children, or had precautions you would want to see. They will be keen to investigate and may not spot potential issues, if you plan to remedy these as a first task, all the better.

We appreciate you will have thought through most suggestions on this page and may be able to add more, which would be very welcome. Accidents as we said are rare on moving day but no harm in making sure you avoid them.

Our best wishes to your family regarding your move. If that is under way, we hope ideas in our removal advice section helped. Should you need direct support, try our pages on domestic removals in Surrey or Guildford removals if you are in that area.