Moving and Tradesmen

Hope you enjoyed the video, we don't see many tradesmen in Surrey like Alan but removals time can mean finding the right help. A new home needing no work is rare.

Referrals from people you trust is a great idea but if you are moving to  a new area, that may not be possible.

Try talking to new neighbours, or your new colleagues if moving to work. People are generally helpful, not least if they know you are moving, an experience most have shared.

Even so, still worth checking tradesmen out yourself, a few ideas to help with this are listed below.

Points Of Reference

  • Use the web to check reputation. Amazing how much information is posted and whilst odd poor opinions should be taken with a pinch of salt, if a number of people warn about a particular company, you might take note.
  • Specialist websites also exist to check particular trades. Worth looking at but bear in mind they are founded on commercial relationship. Often better to see if local, councils have an online list of trusted suppliers.
  • Trade Bodies can be useful points of reference, as the British Association of Removers is for removal companies. You will be able to find individual bodies through a Google search, or a trade association database.
  • Estimates and quotes should be obtained in writing, the latter more legally binding. Make sure these show what is to be carried out, materials, contact details, VAT if applicable. Never sign them if you are not 100% certain.

Help Them Help You

Moving gives you enough to think about but finding time to specify what you want doing, in terms you understand can help. Even a rough diagram of exactly where you want shelving, or plug points, will avoid misunderstanding.

The same applies to colours, styles, matching what you might be taking to your new home. The more specific you can be, the less likely a mistake and good service providers will appreciate this, not regard the idea as interfering.

Also helpful to make sure anyone working in your home is properly insured and uses reputable suppliers themselves. If they are installing equipment you should have appropriate guarantee rights, not need to go through them.

We hope you find the best support for any task at your new home. If your move is already under way, enjoy the day. Should you still be seeking support, by all means take a look at our removals overview, or contact us at any time.