Removals and Renting

Useful points in the video, whether you are becoming a landlord, or a tenant. The percentage of clients in this position using our Surrey removals service has increased recently.

We don't feel the traditional home owning path is as damaged as some say, although do agree that the future is likely to see a more flexible approach than the boom times.

Removal companies therefore need to adapt, ensure they offer clients the right services and exceptional value.

Equally, those moving may wish to consider if they should change approach, a few suggestions are below.

Points To Consider

  • Thoughtful packing is valuable but more so when renting. This may be temporary, so consider short or long term needs and separate items. Try to avoid unpacking, to pack the same items again a few months later.
  • Consider dedicated storage to create space at the rented property and as an alternative to over renting. Many rent larger properties than needed to use as storage space, when dedicated facilities may be more secure and cheaper.
  • Finalise decisions to help plan your move. If a few possessions are not  likely to be retained, going to relatives, friends, or to auction, this can be managed as part of one removal, again saving space and significant cost.
  • Use your removal company to help lighten the load in every sense. They should be flexible and prepared to work with you on the points above plus other needs. Multiple drops from one removal, collection and storage, or planning your move.

Assessing a Landlord

How a landlord, or their agent approach your initial interest and day of arrival is a good measure of support you will see later. For sudden breakdowns, everyday maintenance, or relating to legal and financial management.

They should be happy to cover costs which apply to them, from essential services to lightbulbs. Ideally, they will also take an interest in your removal day, ensuring all is ready and you are not going to spend days chasing them.

A well prepared inventory can help with this but make sure you carry out your own checks. If anything is missing, damaged, or not working, keep notes and where possible, take pictures. These will generally be date stamped, so hard to disagree with.

We hope you found the points above useful and if you are about to rent, short or long term, wish you luck in your new home. If we can assist, by all means contact us. We are here to help and treat every client moving home in the same way.