Choosing A Removals Company

Removals van on endless road

Looks like fun on the animation, a plain old van, chugging down an endless road with smoke pumping out of the exhaust. Not quite so enjoyable if you are trying to move home.

A professional removals company should use well maintained vehicles and know where they are going. Sharing routes and timings with you is a logical part of their service. Keeping to both can make the difference between a successful day and a headache.

Although removals day has traditionally been known as stressful, the opposite is possible.  A key step in the process of enjoying the day as you should is choosing a removals company

We are not trying to be snobbish with the suggestions below, or saying choose us. There are good removals companies across the UK, taking time to find them is time well spent.

Check On Companies

  • Use the web to find information. Highly likely the removals company will have a website, although the views of others can help. Rather than follow the company's suggestions, try a Google search such as "Farrer and Fenwick reviews".
  • Check Companies House as most removers are limited companies. You don't need to study their accounts in depth and may not be able to but can get a picture. How long they have been trading and whether accounts were filed from This register
  • Professional Trade Bodies can be helpful, especially those who set and enforce quality standards, or codes of practice, such as the British Association of Removers. Best not to trust website logos, just try a search on the BAR website.
  • Business Like Behaviour is a symptom of a well run business. No need for people to be over sales like but were you happy with the way contact was handled. If your first call diverts to a mobile and is answered "Hello Mate", there could be an issue.

Similar thoughts could apply when you are seeking quotes for anything beyond a simple delivery. If a quote for a removal is offered over the phone, or from a very brief visit, take care. An audit by an experienced removals surveyor is a more effective route.

Take Positive Decisions

Handing everything over to someone else can be a pleasure and a good removals company should take most of the load. There is still much to be said for remaining involved in decision making and for positive decisions on what is not an everyday event.

The first decision often involves cost and is one to be careful on. In a competitive service industry, profit margins are not that high. A quote which is half the amount of others can only exist because you are not likely to receive the same service.

Varying support can be part of your removal, from packing, to secure storage, or advice on documentation. Ensuring that all you need is available under one roof helps, once different aspects start to be contracted out, errors can creep in.

Don't be afraid to be as involved as you wish, the removal is yours. If you want to come up with a different schedule, or a floor plan of where you wish everything to be placed, then do so. A good company will see this as positive, not as interfering.

Our Surrey removals service is based on listening to clients, which should be the core of any working relationship. The message we want to give on choosing a removals company is straightforward, a rare day deserves a professional partnership.