Removals Advice

We hope you enjoyed the Surrey video. Promotional to a degree and our advice section is about more than Surrey but we do cover the county and our local facilities.

Removals advice can take in many other topics and we know readers could add their own, from their experiences.

We still try to ensure clients are informed, providing a Free Removals Advice Pack and the support in this section.

Moving home can be enjoyable, if you make sure everyone is focused on your needs, tradesmen, solicitors, your removal company. Try the articles below to see if they assist.

Advice Articles

The removals advice entries below are designed to help make sure your move goes smoothly, we wish your family every success.

A Few Suggestions

Mainly for moving day and to help you arrive ready to enjoy the home you have waited patiently to make your own.

  • Talk to neighbours at both addresses before you move. Arrange parking for yourselves plus the removal van and take the chance to learn more about the area.
  • Plan a route to the new house and alternatives. Take a street map and check traffic reports before leaving. We will do the same and let you know of problems but no harm double checking.
  • Keep a camera handy to photograph meters as a back up to written recordings. Also handy for anything that may be queried by your buyers, not easy to disagree with fixed images, with a time and date stamp.
  • Have tags made for pets with your family name and new phone number, so they are ready to be fitted to collars before you move. If your pets can suffer from sickness or anxiety whilst travelling, talk to your vet.

The few points above are just pointers, we try to cover more in the advice articles and our detailed removals guides

You are equally welcome to contact us for any practical advice you need. We hope your new home is a pleasure.