Personal Removals Support

Picture gallery in home

Our possessions matter to us, the value not always in financial terms but in the life they represent. These items should matter just as much to your removals company.

If you are moving, they deserve careful packing and transportation. When a removals surveyor visits your home they need to listen to you, understand what is important to you.

All the items in your home need to be professionally handled but there are always a few which matter, those you think about wrapping in a blanket in the car. Our job is to ensure you don't need to do this, by our staff offering the best possible personal advice.

Meeting Individual Need

Allowing us to take care of those special items can be an advantage. We have been carrying out removals in Surrey for two decades and take pride in the services we offer.

  • Packing to a high standard by well trained staff, using the finest materials. Whether a piece of fragile porcelain, a family photo, or a grand piano, we will protect them.
  • A sound level of driving skills with an exceptionally low accident record. The on the road part of your move is as important as any and a skilled, careful driver matters.
  • Unpacking and reorganising when you arrive. Our staff can take detailed note of your home's layout and ensure all is in place at your new home, ready for life.

Those items which count so much and your entire household can arrive as they should and continue to be part of each day. All that is needed is good planning, a professional approach and listening to you, so your removal really is based on personal support.

Supporting Services

Whether you are moving within Surrey, moving to Surrey, across Europe, or worldwide, we can help. Farrer & Fenwick have dedicated staff to provide international removals and shipping.

There is no charge for our removals surveyors to visit and no time limit. They are not there simply to give a quote, their task is to be as much a part of your move as they can. If advice based on experience can help, they will be pleased to.

Should there be a gap between homes, we can provide secure storage in a dedicated unit on our own premises. Again run by specialist staff, who understand the best conditions to store a wide range of items, from fine art, to IT equipment.

Neither will the size of your removal make a difference. We offer the same service for small removals as we would for a large household. If you would like to work with a removals company who value your move, we would be pleased to hear from you.