Removals & Consumer Rights

Removals & New Legislation

From the 1st of October 2015, the new Consumer Rights Act applies to all removals contracts. This replaces the Sale of Goods Act and several other pieces of consumer related legislation.

Removals come under supply of a service and in a broad sense, the principle of what you should expect has not changed. A removals company should carry out their work with reasonable care and skill. More specific points are:

  • Any information which you rely on, oral or written is binding, as if this were part of a contract.
  • Where the price is not agreed beforehand, the service must be provided for a reasonable price.
  • Your removal should, allowing for circumstances, be carried out within the expected timeframe.
  • Your removal company should make an open effort to address any issues, not hide from them.

We support the new legislation, a good thing for the removals industry, in the main, reflecting good service, common sense and our approach. Farrer & Fenwick are based on service to meet individual needs.

You should still know your rights and if any domestic service provided to you doesn’t meet the terms in the list above, rational remedies are available to you.

In order that we can address any issues you wish to raise, we ask that in the first instance, you write to us via the details below:

The Managing Director
Farrer & Fenwick
Barracks Farm
Cobham Road
KT12 2ET
Fax number: 01932 269307

Your points will be dealt with at the highest level and allowing for any investigation, a reply sent as promptly as we can.

Rights Of Customers

If a removals company makes mistakes, they should be prepared to carry out again whatever part of their service fell short, do so within a reasonable time and without causing you much inconvenience.

If this is not possible, or unavailable within a reasonable time, you can claim a price reduction. This could be any percentage of the cost, or in exceptional circumstances the entire cost. You can also challenge hidden, or unfair terms:

  • Fees and charges which were tucked away in the small print, or impossible for you to work out.
  • Contract terms which limit, or try to set aside your legal rights, when they should not do so.
  • Disproportionate default, or early termination charges, or any less than rational cost additions.
  • Removal contractors trying to exclude themselves from responsibility for error, when they can not.

If you are unable to resolve disputes, there is now greater access to alternative dispute resolution. A speedier and low cost, possibly free approach, which is often better than using the Courts.

We adhere to the British Association of Removers alternative dispute resolution scheme, which is independently operated by:

ADR ombudsman logo

The Furniture Ombudsman
Second Floor
3-4 Viewpoint Office Village
Babbage Road
Stevenage SP1 2BP
Tel: 0333 241 3209

You can see more information on the scheme, although you hopefully won't have issues, whoever you employ. If you do, use the act, we want to see the removals industry performing well.