Walton Bridge Renewal

Two walton bridges

The County Council image of the old and new bridges together offers an interesting comparison. The new bridge is now open and our (reduced) article below out of date, left as a reminder.

The work was long overdue and useful for the area, with two "temporary" bridges having been in place for many years and not coping with up to 35,000 vehicles a day. Those living in, or moving to Walton and wider Surrey will benefit.

Some concerns remained after opening and related jams in Walton itself. Gradual completion of ancillary roadworks and a few changes of plan seem to have improved this.

21st Century Replacement

As a Surrey removals company, we keep an eye on roadworks in the county, not least if they are nearby and long term. The complete replacement of the bridge at Walton-on-Thames is now underway and will take around eighteen months.

  • Traffic Delays are inevitable and current. The bridge has always caused delays at busy times, a situation likely to escalate.
  • Bridge Closures are part of the issue. Mainly intended to take place at weekends, or overnight but this is not guaranteed.
  • Extra Factors can unexpectedly add to the problem, as recently witnessed when work on the water main caused gridlock.
  • Different Stages of the build require variation in road use, including how junctions to the main road are configured.

There has been forward planning and we do not wish to suggest the position will be poor all the time. Simply ensure our removal clients and anyone using the bridge are armed with information to help.

Keeping Up To Date

The secret to solving most travel issues is ensuring you have current information. This can avoid delays, keep your move on schedule and add to what we like to see, a stress free day. The first link below is a good source, our own should also help:

  • Surrey County Council offer a great deal of information on all bridges in the county, with a separate section for Walton bridge. Also wider roadworks information.
  • Contact Our Team to keep up to date. We have a good number of vehicles on the road every day, who keep our central office well informed.
  • Removal Surveyors should discuss more than packing boxes. Helping you plan a move includes planning the journey.

Whether you are using our removal service, moving to Surrey, or would just like a little help, by all means get in touch. We understand the frustration of unexpected delay and want to help all travelers avoid traffic hold ups.