Surrey Towns & Villages

We hope you enjoyed the Farnham video, representative of Surrey. More than a million people living in 640 square miles but justified in adopting oak leaves as an emblem.

As a Surrey company which began 20 years ago, with removals in Walton-on-Thames, we visit many towns and villages in the county. Diverse but sharing a cultural base. A blend of countryside, town and business, a balance between a pleasant life and commercial needs.

Also a place where many choose to move to, for cultural, business, or educational reasons. They may have found information online about Surrey, a few suggestions below.

Places To Search

  • Surrey County Council offer information on all towns and villages in the county, with links to other useful websites.
  • News By Town & Area can be found on Get Surrey. The site is a little slow but worth the time if you are setting up home in Surrey, to see what is happening in your area.
  • Surrey Archaeological Society have been around for 160 years. Their specialist library in Guildford and the site itself are valuable in their field, offering much that is still relevant to understanding the towns of Surrey.
  • Surrey Wildlife Trust are equally well established and apart from useful information on the surrounding countryside, play their part on how this merges into the towns.

The fact a wildlife trust are prominent suggests the environment Surrey offers. Even in towns there are open spaces, parks, riverbanks, easy to take for granted, until you venture to places without them.

Town and Country

Surrey is wealthy, with the highest GDP in the UK and large businesses choosing to be there. The towns are influenced by this, commercial and retail facilities, along with growing housing levels.

There are pressures from many sides which could change the pleasant nature of our towns and villages but they are unlikely to succeed. Local people strive to protect them.

The landscape at Claremont, the RHS at Wisley, country houses and museums. They have an influence beyond their boundaries and help create a stable feeling residents wish to support.

This is reflected in practical, or planning decisions. Most people realise the county holds a dual nature, preserving the spirit of our towns preserves the whole.

If you are moving to Surrey, we hope you enjoy the county and will be happy to help with your move if we can. You are welcome to see information on our Surrey removals services.