Moving In Surrey - Resources

Surrey youth presentation

Alongside our clients moving within Surrey, we provide removal services for others coming to the county, from the UK or overseas. We  wish to see them enjoy living in the area.

Having access to local services can be valuable and a few suggestions to find information are given further down. The County Council site is better than many and informative.

Moving home brings the need to find much information and of course, to find decent facilities from this. Even from a neutral perspective, we would say Surrey offers a good breadth and quality of support, part of the reason people move.

Useful County Resources

  • Surrey County Council offer a "Find My Nearest" service for everyone moving to, or within the County. Clubs, societies, a schools database. Try the option with your new postcode for a mine of information.
  • Surrey community information site shared by many councils and local activity groups. A central point for Surrey information on community and volunteer resources.
  • Surrey Towns is our brief guide to the type of town that awaits those moving within, or into Surrey. A video of one example, with notes on the development of the county.
  • Supportive services lists a few companies in Surrey we have found to be helpful, who provide removal related support.
  • Moving resources Guildford is an information page put together by our Guildford branch. You should also find odd suggestions there useful wherever your destination lies.

Arriving In Surrey

When you arrive in your new home, or new county, we hope you enjoy what Surrey has to offer. A county of golf courses, National Trust venues, historic palaces, good towns, open countryside, yet vibrant and business focused.

We enjoy living and working in Surrey and hope our customers find the same. There is a good balance between the shopping or trade facilities we need and a range of natural resources which remain surprisingly untouched.

As you may have seen from the links, there are leisure facilities to suit most tastes, along with health, statutory and voluntary bodies to cater for all needs. The education system deserves a mention, with many schools amongst the top performers.

By all means see more information on moving to Surrey, or ask our staff, who know the county well. Alternatively, see an introduction to removals in Surrey and the services we offer. If we can help, get in touch, if your move is organised, enjoy Surrey.