Travelling Around Surrey

Bus on Surrey road

As a removals company constantly on the road in Surrey, we are more than aware of being in an area where the car rules. By personal choice and to access out of the way facilities.

Even so, if you are moving into or around the county, members of your household could need alternatives to the car and public transport is reasonably well run. 

If you are new to the area, neighbours, colleagues, your removal company, can all offer advice. The best services, when they are likely to run, common causes of delay. We provide a few suggestions below which might give you a start.

Using Public Transport

The rail network is good, with a fair spread of local stations and regular trains, often terminating at London Waterloo. There is also a reasonable choice of bus services and links to London underground, information for each can be found at the links below:

As the last link above demonstrates, although a more expensive option, taxi, or chauffeur services are plentiful and wide ranging. Still no reason not to save a few pounds with a little planning.

Calculating The Cost

We are not taxi averse, with several people travelling they can be cheaper than public transport, which is not low cost in Surrey. Many areas in the county also see bus services finish early evening, or not run on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Even so, using public transport in Surrey can save money. Children travel at lower cost, all pensioners and a number of other people are entitled to free bus passes. Most bus companies offer saver tickets, or reduced fare packages.

The cost and nuisance of parking is also avoided, along with wear and tear if you do have a vehicle. Buses and trains can offer a more social environment for travel, you don't have to look where you are going unless you choose to.

Surrey residents find reliability good, trains in particular but the buses have improved. If you need further information on public transport, give us a call, whether you are moving to Surrey or not.