Moving To Surrey

We chose the Esher video as this includes reasons clients mention to us for moving to Surrey. Good schools, local facilities and amenities, yet not too far from pleasant countryside.

Motorways, trains and airports are close by, London lies within reach but all of those can easily be escaped from.

Surrey offers a sound balance between practical, or work needs and a good quality of life in your home environment.

Moving to Surrey should be enjoyable and can be if the support you find is focused on your needs. There to make the transition a pleasure, rather than create areas of concern.

Useful Resources

There are sections on our website and on county websites which may be useful before , or after you move:

The links above offer a range of brief and in depth information, all our staff are happy to do the same.

With most staff living locally and twenty years of moving people within, or to Surrey, the majority of normal, or unusual needs are likely to have cropped up and been supported.

In a sense, we are sharing our customers experiences, alongside our own. Whilst we recognise that every move is unique, the knowledge base they have helped us build can be useful.

Removals Support

Any advice we can offer is freely given, as are discussions on plans and firm quotes for the services we offer.

  • Domestic Removals - Carried out by skilled staff, using our own fleet of modern vehicles. Our ethos is based on personal support and begins with a visit from an experienced surveyor.
  • Business Removals - More companies move into Surrey than move out. We help ensure their facilities and employees enjoy a smooth process. with minimal downtime.
  • International Support - Alongside regularly moving people to Europe, we help others returning to the UK. Our drivers are well trained and understand requirements, our planning staff bring long term experience to bear.
  • Secure Storage - Whether you need items looking after for a few days, or a few years, our dedicated warehouse is safe, secure and manned by storage specialists.

All back up services are available, from carefully packing domestic possessions, to moving an entire commercial enterprise. We can help you move to Surrey from anywhere in the UK, or Europe.

If you came direct to the section, by all means read an introduction to our removals & storage services.