International Removals In Surrey

Overseas Removals

Moving to or from Europe, or further, should be no more of a headache than moving next door. Our international removals service in Surrey can help plan your move, using our professional staff and our own fleet of vehicles throughout Europe.

  • Local knowledge from experience across the globe.
  • Full back up, worldwide shipping, air freight, storage.
  • Export wrapping and packing, crating for fine art.
  • Free advice on import and export documentation.
  • International insurance for your peace of mind.
  • International removals overnight, or at weekends.

When you are moving overseas, local knowledge helps. To cope with language, regulations, nuances which make the difference between a pleasant move and unwanted stress. This also saves cost, one reason for our competitive service and our client's views.

Worldwide Shipping

Our shipping department can work alone, or alongside international removals. We ship any item to any country you choose. As a full or part load by road in Europe, or using our established network of agents for wider destinations.

Whether you are shipping vital documents, business or industrial equipment, or antiques, they are given equal care. Our staff handle despatch, delivery, tracking and planning.

Our shipping services can support moving your household, an entire business, or an entire farm with our country removals service. With safety, security and an accurate timeline paramount, there may be reasons why delay is not an option.

Our advisors also value their ability to achieve the best cost savings for you, without compromising efficiency. If you need your possessions to arrive safely and on time, anywhere on the globe, contact us and talk to an international shipping specialist.