International Business Removals

Surrey Based - Worldwide Service

There is no reason why an international business removal should he harder than moving within the UK. With meticulous planning and reasonable foresight, snags are avoided.

The understanding we develop of your needs will help, alongside our international experience and your specialist input. Shared knowledge for a shared objective, an efficient move, which leaves you free to focus on your business.

Our relocation specialists assist with more than the move. Areas such as risk and environmental assessment do matter, as do the requirements of individual staff members.

Working alongside companies large and small in Surrey has honed our skills, taught us the best way to help and when not to. When your own specialists should be listened to and supported.

Our own staff and vehicles ensure all business clients receive maximum support across Europe. Partners who are equally focused on service and detail support us for wider destinations.

Global Shipping & Airfreight

Farrer & Fenwick's established, global network of contacts help ensure your goods are moved in an economical, safe and timely manner. Our staff are available to:

  • Advise on what you can and can not send by sea, or air.
  • Where required, arrange alternative methods of transport.
  • Provide secure, professional packing and crating services.
  • Correctly complete all shipping and customs documentation.
  • Ensure suitable, international insurance cover is in place.
  • Work to a global schedule, rather than a UK based timetable.

Shipping and air transport are areas where a professional approach is paramount. A failure to keep on schedule can have a far greater effect on downtime and business loss.

The best way to avoid this on the movement of goods, or for any international business removal, is to share planning needs. If you feel a partnership approach will help, please get in touch.