Moving in Guildford

Useful Resources

Whether you are moving in Guildford, or further afield in Surrey, access to useful information helps. Using online facilities saves time, there are a few suggestions below for Guildford and beyond.

  • Living in Surrey from Surrey County Council is a great starting pointtheir website also has details of schools in the County, links to community or national resources.
  • Guildford Borough Council website is a place you may be familiar with, worth digging deeper. A mine of information is tucked away which is valuable at removal time.
  • Surrey Law Society offer access to legal advice, not least help with the legalities of moving house. If you are confident of alternatives, understandable but we have seen horror stories where people tried to save on legal costs.
  • The Environment Agency is a helpful resource and offers efficient on site search. Searching the area you are leaving, or moving to can help with removal planning and more.

To Aid Your Move

Moving has a reputation for being a stressful and busy time, although a new home can be a pleasure. Planning is key, which includes practical aspects and elements to make you feel at home.

Details of what is enjoyable, or critical to us can be as important as our furniture. Clubs your family use, the nearest wifi cafe, places to walk the dog, especially if you are moving a long distance.

The list is endless, personal but research makes settling in easier. On a similar line, before you move, make a list of everything needed on the day, at both ends and pack this as early as possible.

Choose a removal company who help you plan, should you consider us, you are welcome to request a quote. If you are organised, we hope you have a great move.

We simply suggest that you don't settle for people who do no more than turn up to load a van. They need to be part of a team working with you, helping you enjoy your new home.