Website Cookie Policy

Privacy Comes First

Respecting your privacy is our first priority. The only cookies used on this website are quite small files, relating to anonymous, statistical information.

A removals service is very much customer focused. These help us to help you find key information on our website and to understand which areas you find valuable, or less so.

The system we use is Google analytics, an up to date and secure facility managed by one of the most established internet companies. They do not share any personal data recorded through this process and neither do we.

Beyond the non tracking link we offer to the British Association of Removers, there is no advertising on this website. The only purpose is providing information on our own removals and storage services, along with a contact point.

You are entitled to privacy, as you are to good and fair service. We hope this page has helped a little, if you want to find out more about how Farrer & Fenwick help you move, by all means get in touch via the contact link below.

Information Security

  • Not all websites are as straightforward as ours. Being aware and protecting your personal details makes sense.
  • Take a little time to read information about cookies and their use. A good place to start is the Information Commissioner.
  • Search online for details of how you can take control e.g. "cookie management in Firefox" or whatever software you use.
  • On a non advertising website belonging to any local trade, from removals to plumbing, you are less likely to have issues. Invasive cookies that track your browsing are more likely to occur on advertising or ecommerce sites.
  • If you use a search engine, they will also want to try to establish the sites you regularly visit and subjects you are interested in. If you prefer targeted content or ads, cookies will help, if not, read their support pages and opt out.
  • If you are fed up seeing the same ads wherever you go on the web, or being referred to the same places, cookies are the reason. You can take control and change this behaviour.
  • Avoid websites with aggressive popups, or popunders. If they use those methods openly, the unseen could be worse.