Supporting Corporate Design

Interiors For Business

From creating a unique boardroom, to office facilities for a wide range of staff, commercial interior designers need to be able to focus. Farrer & Fenwick support them, by taking care of logistical needs and providing a perfectly timed, professional service:

  • A Business Account Manager, used to meeting corporate needs, who can liaise with you.
  • Secure storage, to consolidate deliveries and warehouse single items, or containers.
  • Packing, unpacking and removal of materials, carried out by well trained staff who care.
  • Inventories, customs, or other documentation managed to whatever degree you wish.
  • Full liability cover, modern vehicles of all sizes and two decades of moving every type of business.

Alongside practical support, working with commercial designers has shown us the importance of flexibility. Every project is different, integration of our services needs to be a match.

A designer has a responsibility to deliver a great feel but they also consider their client's downtime, staff, or business disturbance. The removals company they work with must do the same.

Commercial Expectations

We have heard removal companies say they don't need to worry about personal service, when carrying out business, rather than domestic moves. The opposite is true, a house won't lose value if you are off schedule, a business loses money.

Our team worked on business projects with Morgan Stewart Corporate Interiors, who offer a respected service to commercial and educational establishments.

Fine, practical design and achieving what everyone set out to matter to both but they tell us timing is next on the list. Change is best controlled by schedules which mean what they say.

Courtesy and an understanding of how a business operates also count. Every contractor you hire is representing you, they can add to the valuable opinion your client has, or undo weeks of good work and achieve the opposite.

If the unexpected happens, or plans simply change, how this is handled matters again. Maturity and practical skills are often a good answer, one which will be welcomed.

Farrer & Fenwick offer a high quality service your clients will be happy with, we hope you will. By working alongside you and ensuring we understand the brief, we become part of a team.